sourcing and producing trusted brands

We’ve developed strategic relationships with key brands to provide best in class products based on manufacturing quality, depth of range, and options for every customer price point.

Many of our customers don’t realise that we also produce our own brands, such as RefleXion shower enclosures and Prima appliances, to ensure that we are providing options right the way through the spectrum of features and price points, with a consistent level of quality.

Our Bathroom Brands

Within our Bathrooms to Love collection, we have selected products which give a complete bathroom solution, with a great range of options.

Our Appliance Brands

All our appliances come from trusted brands, many of which are known to your customers. When sourcing appliances we select a range of products to meet the widest range of requirements, and even produce our own highly rated Prima+ appliances, bringing higher spec options at lower prices.

Our Sinks, Taps & Accessories Brands

Some of the more striking features of a new kitchen come from the sinks, taps and accessories.  We source stunning, great quality sinks & taps, with a variety of styles that suit the diverse tastes of your customers.

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