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At PJH we understand the importance of getting the right products, which is why we source products from around the world, looking for that right combination of quality, features, innovation and price. We offer you an easy way of providing an exciting range of bathroom and appliance solutions, including everything from lighting, accessories, taps and, of course, the kitchen sink.

And where we are unable to find products that provide this ideal combination, we offer our own through our in-house brands, to complete or complement other products or solutions and provide greater choice.

Good, better, best

We take care to ensure that we offer a clear choice of products at all levels, providing flexibility for you and your customers and their budgets throughout all our product categories.

Quality as standard

Our suppliers know that we require not only the best in materials and production quality, but also in reliability, stability and environmental responsibility. These relationships also enable us to provide better product reliability and introduce new products to market quickly based on market trends and customer demands.

Impacting our world

Many of our bathroom products have been developed to be water-saving, and much of our bathrooms include materials that come from certified sources, and when it comes to appliances and lighting, we know that an ‘A’ energy rating or above is good for the environment and good for your customers as well.

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